I am very happy to try paddling a kayak! Well, I've had been paddling in our local river twice a week.  And I am looking forward to experiencing the splash of the water, I was super enjoyed! Since now, paddling a kayak is my sport; I am trying to take some professional coaching to help me improved in paddling.

Ever since, I am not familiar what is paddling all about but my friend introduces it to me. It is an awesome activity that uses a board, flat bladed instrument, and of course a paddle which used to strike the bare behind of a man repeatedly and with much force.  I really enjoyed this activity, the paddling, at some point, it helps improved my cardiovascular and it increased my muscle strength.

To get started in paddling, first, you need to join a club which a best way to learn more about paddling and improve the paddling skills and technique and having a team decreases also the risk of injuries and take some advices about safety issues when on the water.  When I joined the team paddling, I realized that I am more a competent than I was before.   I am taking seriously my chosen sport and I want to gain more skills in paddling and I don't want to be discouraged through my fear.

Paddling a kayak is a bit more challenging than other sports. Want to know why? A great way to enjoy waterways is through paddling though it is an expensive past time. If you want to try paddling a kayak, you should know that you had enough money to pay or rent your basic needs in paddling plus if you want to have more skills, you need also have a great instructor's to teach you in basic paddling.

Recently, I have taken three lessons with my team in paddling, although I am not a professional in this sport, I am enjoying how the water splash on me, I was like a kid that enjoy the air that hit on my body.

Paddling a kayak is not only a hobby but a competitive sport that everyone would enjoy. It is not only a hobby or sports but it also a fun activity for the bonding of your friends, families or officemates.

At first, in learning paddling, you need to be very patient.  Give it a try to experience paddling, it is so much fun that you will never regret for the rest of your life! Experience the water and breeze of the air by paddling!